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Body Name: Cherokee Nation Business, Inc Advisory Board
Type: Board or Commission
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May, 2021

LA-17-10 the Cherokee Corporation Advisory Board Act effective June 14, 2010. This Act provides an advisory board of tribal council members to all corporation Board of Directors in which the Cherokee Nation is a majority stockholder. Section 4. Substantive Provisions. A. Add new Section "I" to Article 5 Section 27 of the Cherokee Nation General Corporation Act, which shall state, "There shall be an advisory board of directors to all corporations in which the Cherokee Nation is a majority shareholder. This advisory board shall consist of six (6) members of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council. The Tribal Council shall appoint these members in accordance with their rules and procedures. The advisory board shall have full access to all information and meetings of the Board of Directors and have all privileges of the Board of Directors except exercise of voting privileges or otherwise acting upon a matter. The attendance of a Board of Directors meeting by Tribal Council members who do not serve on the advisory board, for the purpose of observing such meetings rather than for the purpose of discussing or acting upon a matter, shall not be construed as a “meeting” of the Tribal Council under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Rights Act of 2001 (75 CNCA § 1-17), regardless of the number of Tribal Council members present at such meeting. B. Add new language to Article V Section 27(B) "Provided, that a Director shall not serve more than four (4) consecutive years without confirmation by the Tribal Council to a corporation whose majority shareholder is the Cherokee Nation.