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First name: Joe photo
Last name: Deere
E-mail: joe-deere@cherokee.org
Web site:

P. O. Box 2043
Catoosa, OK 74015
(C) 918-934-4407

Joe Deere is half Cherokee by blood on his mother’s side, and Creek on his father’s side. Joe is Wolf Clan and is related to the Arneechers, Littledaves, Canoes, and Barks, in the first two generations. Joe's Cherokee ancestry comes from the Old Settlers, as well as the Trail of Tears group. His Cherokee family is originally from the Salina and Tahlequah area.

Joe Deere lives in Catoosa, Oklahoma, and grew up in northeast Tulsa. Joe went to east side schools and attended Booker T. Washington High School. After high school, Joe attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, where he played soccer. Joe finished his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oklahoma.

Joe met his wife, Bobi, playing soccer and attending Booker T. Washington High School. Joe has five children and five grandchildren.

Joe is a business owner. His business is TERO certified and includes construction and cultural resource management (CRM). Joe has worked on Cherokee houses, roads and bridges. The CRM division of his business conducts surveys to protect Native cultural heritage.

Joe attends St. Pius X Catholic Church in Tulsa, and is an active member of the local Knights of Columbus Council. Joe uses his time with the Knights to volunteer at a high level for causes such as the Special Olympics, Knights for Autism, and the GoLife Campaign. As the District Deputy of the Knights of Columbus, Joe is proud of his implemented integration policy to create community between all cultures.

Joe likes to spend time with his family, watch sports (and play as much as he is able), and volunteer his time helping others. Joe is highly motivated to bring Cherokees together and create a strong community in District 13.